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Public Works

The City of Franklin Department of Public Works is a dynamic and diverse organization that manages and delivers a multitude of services to the citizens of Franklin on a daily basis. 

Services provided and managed by the Department of Public Works are as follows:

  • Streets Division – provides services to include concrete, asphalt, and drainage repairs and construction as well as snow removal.
  • Garage Division – provides maintenance and repairs to all fleet vehicles for every city department to include schools and social services.
  • Refuse Collection – provides collection of household waste, yard waste, and white goods.
  • Building Maintenance – provides building maintenance, grounds maintenance, and custodial services to 15 city buildings.
  • Mosquito Control – provides mosquito control services for the entire city.
  • Cemeteries – provides maintenance and operational services for two city cemeteries.
  • Water Division – provides and delivers potable water to Franklin, Southampton County and Isle of Wight County residents.
  • Sewer Division – provides sanitary sewer collection and treatment services to Franklin, Southampton County and Isle of Wight County residents.
  • Airport – manages and operates the City of Franklin Municipal Airport.

Many of these services assure the health and well being of our citizens and visitors, as well as, make Franklin a clean, safe, and appealing city to reside or visit.