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Franklin Fire and Rescue History


Current and previous Fire and Rescue Chiefs for the City of Franklin.

Firetruck Add

Franklin Fire Department's 1938 Ford fire truck was built by Oren Fire Apparatus Company located in Roanoke, Virginia.  They used that specific truck for their advertisements that ran across the country.  This is a copy of the original document, however, the original document is located right here in Franklin, Virginia.


30s Firetruck

Franklin's 1935 and 1938 fire trucks circa 1940. This was taken in front of the previous Fire Station on Mechanic Street in front of the building that is currently occupied by Highground Services.

1935 Firetruck

Franklin's 1935 fire truck as it sits today.

1935 Firetruck #2

Franklin's 1935 fire truck in it's current condition.

Old Firetruck

Franklin's 1938 fire truck restored.

Old Medics

Franklin's 1938 fire truck (top); 1970 fire truck (left); 1977 Medic (right) and copies of the documents to those vehicles.

Water Pump

Franklin's 1875 water pump residing in the current Fire Station at 100 South Main Street.

Chief Wagenbach Article

Original newspaper article announcing Chief Wagenbach's promotion to Chief of Franklin Fire and Rescue.