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Reverse 911


The City of Franklin relies on emergency notification technology from PlantCML®, among other means, to keep you alert and ultimately, ensure your safety. In doing so, we must have the most accurate information for reaching you. Knowing many no longer rely on landline phones for communication, The City of Franklin has implemented PlantCML’s Self Registration Portal to capture data for alternate devices, such as cell phone and email. 

For details on how the emergency notification system and Self Registration Portal work, we have compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please read before clicking the link below to enter the portal.

What is the emergency notification system used for?
The City of Franklin emergency notification system may be used in any situation that threatens harm to life and/or property or is deemed hazardous by emergency officials. This may include inclement weather, man-made disasters, crime, pandemics, hazardous material incidents and more.

What, if any, contact information do you already have in the emergency notification system for me?
The City of Franklin emergency notification system uses data obtained from 9-1-1 databases, which typically includes only home (landline) telephone numbers. 

What if my home telephone number is unlisted?
If your home (landline) number is unlisted, there is a possibility is does not exist in our emergency notification system. To be cautious, please enter it when filling out the Self Registration Portal form. Should the number already exist in the emergency notification system, you will not be contacted twice on your home telephone. 

What information is captured in the Self Registration Portal?
The Self Registration Portal collects your Name, Address, Home (landline) Telephone, Cell Phone and Email Address. 

How will I know the information I provide in the Self Registration Portal will remain confidential?
Rest assured your contact information will remain confidential. It will never be sold or leased for commercial purposes. 

What if I don’t receive the verification email?
When using a personal email account (e.g., Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), your email provider may have considered it Spam. Check the Spam folder in your email account. If you find and select this email message, right click on it to set the ‘Sender’ and ‘Not Spam.’ 
“Work” email addresses may not accept the verification email if your organization has specific screening processes in place. Therefore, please contact your organization’s I.T. department and ask them to accept emails from in order to receive notifications. 

What is the purpose of the map on the right hand side of the Self Registration Portal screen?
After you enter your address, a push pin will reflect your exact location on the map. 

My address is not plotted correctly on the map. How do I fix this?
First be sure you entered your address correctly. If verified, you may adjust your location by moving the pin found on the map. This is accomplished by right-clicking on the pin and moving your mouse to reflect the proper position. 

What if I change my cell phone number or email address?
Because your primary email address is your unique identifier and user name, if it changes, you will need to delete your current profile in the Self Registration Portal and create a new one. Should any other type of contact information change, please log into the Self Registration Portal and edit your data. 

What if I forget my password?
The SRP includes a ‘Forgot my password’ option to assist users who cannot remember their password. 

I plan to move to another city/county. How do I remove myself from the emergency notification system database?
Log into the Self Registration Portal and locate the ‘Notification Options’ section. Here you will find a field, ‘Opt Out By,’ to enter the date you no longer wish to receive alerts. If you wish to stop notifications immediately, you can delete your profile by logging in and clicking the ‘Delete Your Account’ link. 

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions? For more information, please email by clicking Here or call 757-562-8696.