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About Franklin Municipal Power and Light

Franklin Municipal Power and Light is the electricity provider in the City of Franklin and parts of the City of Suffolk, Southampton and Isle of Wight Counties. Established in 1892, Franklin Municipal Power and Light provides reliable, low-cost energy and energy-related services for Franklin and the surrounding area.


Franklin Municipal Power and Light's mission is to be a proven and respected leader in the electric utility industry, and thereby ensure our continuing ability to provide high quality, competitive retail electric power and related services to those customers for which the department exists.
To accomplish the mission, Franklin Municipal Power and Light is committed to balancing our responsibilities in a professional ethical manner to the customers we serve...our employees...and associates in the industry.
We strive to provide superior services and value to our customers, excellent career opportunities for our employees, superior financial security to the general government and high quality support to our associates in the City. Franklin Municipal Power and Light strives to be a good citizen in the City and the Commonwealth in which it serves.