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Cycle & Save

Save money on each month's electric bill? You may ask, "How can I do that?" IT'S EASY! Let your Franklin Municipal Power and Light representative come to your home and install a special Load Management switch on your water heater.

What will that do? It will allow Franklin Municipal Power and Light to automatically turn off your water heater when there is an extra amount of usage of electricity by our community. During these short periods the heaters are turned off with little notice by you and will allow a savings of electrical usage. This results in a savings of money which is passed on to you, by giving you a $5 monthly credit on your electric bill.

The load management switch is installed at no cost to you and at your convenience. It also entitles you to free trouble shooting of your water heater and a $100 rebate should you purchase a new energy efficient water heater. Get the rebate form (PDF).

A Franklin Municipal Power and Light representative is available to install your switch from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday or special arrangements can be made outside of these hours. This procedure takes approximately one hour. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 562-8568.

By using less electricity, there is less energy which needs to be produced. This in turn helps to keep clean the air we breathe.


High Bill Investigation

When a customer makes an inquiry about an unusually high bill, a thorough investigation of the bill in dispute will be conducted. If an error is found, corrections will be made. If the reason(s) cannot be determined, a visit to the home, business or industry may be scheduled to determine the cause. Call 562-8518.

Residential Energy Efficiency Survey

An energy auditor will perform a survey of your home to detect areas of inefficient energy use. After inspecting the house and major appliances, energy-saving recommendations will be outlined. Request an appointment by calling 562-8568 and we will contact you for an appointment. This service takes approximately 1-2 hours and is a free service. 

If you would like to perform your own online survey go to the Department of Energy's Home Energy Saver and complete the online survey to get energy saving tips and home energy efficiency recommendations.

Street Lights

Franklin Municipal Power and Light provides streetlights for the City of Franklin and parts of Southampton County, Isle if Wight County and the City of Suffolk. Streetlights in the city can be requested by calling 562-8568. For other locations requests should be made through the local government. 

To report streetlight problems please call 562-8568.

Surge Supression

A single bolt of lightning can send a powerful electrical surge into your home, destroying your valuable electronics and appliances.You can prevent this kind of damage with Franklin Municipal Power and Light's Surge Protection devices. This program provides a lot more protection than traditional store-bought surge strips, giving you the most advanced technology to fight the most powerful surges. What's more, this quality service is backed with a complete warranty program - above and beyond your homeowner's insurance...and it's just $5.00 per month. 

Did You Know... 
On average, cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur more than 200 days each year. 
Lightning occurs each month of the year, but strikes most often from May through August. 
Lightning can flow through power lines as well as phone, cable and electrical wires.

Franklin Municipal Power and Light's Surge Protection devices provides you with a variety of quality protection devices (see below), and it's easy to sign up.

Surge Protection Products

Traditional off-the-shelf surge protectors offer a single line of defense against major power surges. But Franklin Municipal Power and Light's advanced surge devices offer three different kinds of defense, including:

  • Home Grounding Review- Ensures overall electrical safety and proper operation of the surge protection service. A Franklin Municipal Power and Light representative will inspect the grounding system at the meter base prior to installing the Meter base Surge Protection Device. If necessary additional ground rods will be driven to obtain a ground less than 25ohms.
  • Meter Base Surge Protection Device- Reduces surges to a manageable level. The meter base unit, maintained by Franklin Municipal Power and Light, offers complete protection for all connected white goods, like refrigerators, heat pumps, air conditioning units, and other motor-driven devices. Warrenty covers $5,000 per protected device or $50,000 per incident.
  • Point-of-use Plug-in Surge Strips- Works with meter base device to protect sensitive electronic equipment. The Plug in Surge Strips protect sensitive electronic equipment from electrical surges. Available in three different models for standard, telephone and cable TV protection. All units have eight outlets all spaced to accommodate transformers, EMI/RFI noise filtration, diagnostic lights indicating proper grounding, six-foot power cord with a right angle plug, four Always On, and four Switched outlets are all standard features. Carries a lifetime product and $100,000 connected equipment warranty.

Other Important Features Include: 
Comprehensive warranty program with the manufacturer providing lifetime product replacement for plug-in strips.

Temporary Electrical Service

Franklin Municipal Power and Light can provide temporary electric service and metering for construction purposes or special events. Call 562-8568 for information.

Tree Trimming Service

Franklin Municipal Power and Light has an agressive program to trim tree limbs near power lines. For your protection and to prevent power outages call 562-8568 for our trimming service. Upon request, Franklin Municipal Power and Light will provide you with a list of trees suitable for use close to overhead utility lines. A list can be obtained by calling 562-8568. This service is provided free of charge.

Underground Line Locator Service

If you need to dig on your property for any reason, call the free Miss Utility Locator Service at 1-800-552-7001 for the location of buried utility lines such as electric, telephone and cable TV. Allow up to 48 hours for the utilities to mark the lines before you excavate. All excavation around electric lines should be done manually to avoid accidental cutting or damage to gas or electric lines.

  MISS UTILITY OF VA 1-800-552-7001

Voltage Tests

Franklin Municipal Power and Light will perform voltage checks in homes, businesses or industries to determine proper and safe voltage levels through the metering device. Please call 562-8568. This service is provided free of charge.