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Commissioner of the Revenue

The office of the Commissioner of the Revenue assesses individual and business personal property taxes; prorates personal property on motor vehicles; assesses machinery and tools; issues business licenses; administers meals, lodging and cigarette taxes; real estate assessments; tax relief for the elderly and disabled applications; disabled veteran tax relief applications; land use applications and audits , processes and takes payments for State of Virginia income tax returns.

The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office is responsible for the administration of local taxes prescribed by the Code of Virginia and Local Ordinances.

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Tax Rates

Effective July 1, 2023

Real Estate: $1.03 per hundred

Real Estate: Downtown Taxing District $1.27 per hundred

Personal Property: $4.50 per hundred

Machinery & Tools: $2.00 per hundred

Business License: see schedule

Meals Tax: 7%

Lodging Tax: 8%

Cigarette Stamps: $.70 per pack

Due Dates

Business Personal Property: Feb 15

Business License: March 1

State Income Taxes: May 1

General Reassessment (Real Estate): July 1

Tax relief for the Elderly: Aug 1

Land Use Applications: Aug 1

Real estate taxes: Dec 5 & June 5

Personal Property Taxes: Dec 5

Meals and Lodging Taxes: 20th of each month

Cigarette Tax: When stamps are purchased