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What To Do

What To Do Before a Flood:

  • Be alert.
  • Gather and assemble any supplies.
  • Be prepared to evacuate.
  • Review a family disaster plan.
  • Protect your property.

What To Do During a Flood:

  •  Be alert at all times.
  • Don't drive unless you absolutely have to.
  • Get to high ground.
  • Evacuate immediately, unless told otherwise.
  • Do not walk or swim through running water.
  • Shut off electricity and circuit breakers in your home.

What To Do After a Flood:

  • You should only return to the area/home after authorities say it is safe.
  • Be very cautious around the areas where flood waters have receded.  There could be debris and erosion.
  • Do not attemtp to drive or walk through areas that are still flooded.
  • Avoid any standing water.  There may be electric currents due to fallen power lines or it may be electrically charged from underground. 
  • Photograph any damage to your property for insurance purposes.