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2017 Recycle Calendar

2017 Recycle Calendar

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The City of Franklin Recycling is pleased to announce that CARTONS are now being accepted in the residential and municipal recycling programs!  Examples of cartons that are now recyclable include milk, juice, broth, soup, wine, etc.  When recycling cartons, please empty, rinse and recap without flattening the carton.  Cartons need to be in its three dimensional shape to be sorted at the plant.   

Our recycling contractor, Bay Disposal and Recycling has been working with the Carton Council since January 2017 to add carton sorting capability at their recyclables processing facility.  Bay has invested over $500,000 in equipment upgrades and has added a new position for this purpose.   

For more information on The City of Franklin Recycling program, please call 757-562-8564.


Recycle Cartons